The amusement park said it is ready to receive its visitors despite the fact that Florida continues to increase its positive cases of coronavirus

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Florida.- The United States has been one of the countries most affected in the world by pandemic of Covid-19, Because new cases are still emerging that break records; however, that has not been a brake on the amusement park Disney World reopens its doors.

Walt Disney World Resort announced its gradual reopening for this Saturday from 9 a.m., in Miami time, but what has caused some intrigue is the situation of FloridaAs active cases of coronavirus continue to increase.

Thus, it is the first amusement park that opens in United States. In accordance with the announced protocol, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Park opened its doors this Sunday, while EPCOT and Hollywood Studios will carry it out from Wednesday, July 15.

For this reopening, a new strategy was created for the entry of people and thus take care of the health of both the staff of the place and the hundreds of visitors; this will be called Disney Park Pass and with this there will be more control when entering.

People must enter the park’s official page to create an account of Disney, with which the input to it will be validated. Then, all members who will come must be registered.

Subsequently, a date and the park to be attended must be selected; and finally the reservations will be reviewed and confirmed.

It is worth mentioning that the park announced that all visitors must go through a temperature control to verify that it does not exceed 38 degrees Celsius.

« All guests will need to undergo temperature checks before entering a theme park. According to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anyone with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or more will be directed to an additional location to repeat control and receive assistance. «