Disney closes its “Hall of Presidents” to incorporate Joe Biden

The park Magic kingdom of Walt disney, located in Orlando (EU) hung the « closed for renovation » sign on its attraction dedicated to Presidents of United States in order to add the one in the figure dedicated to Joe Biden, from this Wednesday the new tenant of the White House.

▶ ️Biden takes control of an overwhelmed country

The Hall of Presidents, which contains animatronic dolls of all heads of state since Independence (1776), was open until Tuesday.

« The Hall of Presidents is currently preparing to receive the new president, » reads a sign placed at the entrance of the attraction, which in addition to the animated replicas of all the presidents in the history of this country includes audios with speeches by some leaders.

▶ ️Donald Trump leaves the White House

These include now-former President Donald Trump, who is heard reciting his inauguration oath as well as a speech on the spirit of Americans and the constitution.

The park located in central Florida, outside Orlando, has not announced a reopening date for this attraction, but its last temporary closure, to add the animated Trump doll and do some light and sound upgrades, lasted almost one year.

That version, with Trump as current president, lasted only three years.

The attraction, the only one of its kind in the country among all the Disney parks and lasting about 25 minutes, also screens short films about the founding and iconic moments of the country, as well as the film « The Idea of ​​a President. »

Many fans and entertainment journalists have lobbied for Disney to shut down this nearly 50-year-old room and replace it with an attraction on the Muppets that is performed every so often in a space near the Hall of Presidents.

They allude that the place contains an inescapable political charge, which has also been accentuated during Trump’s mandate, and in fact those claims have increased after the invasion of the Capitol on January 6 made by supporters of the 45th president of the country.

The local Orlando Sentinel newspaper has joined those requests and in an editorial published this Wednesday asked: « It is time for Disney to turn off this attraction. »