Disgusting ?, Enrique Guzmán in a compromising video with his daughter

Disgusting ?, Enrique Guzmán in a compromising video with his daughter | INSTAGRAM

That’s right, recently the social media They were filled with comments of all kinds when some images were uncovered in which Enrique Guzmán kisses his daughter’s lips Alejandra Guzman on stage, unleashing all kinds of invective and negative remarks about the fact.

Since Frida sofia She publicly declared that her famous grandfather touched her improperly when she was 5 years old, the singer’s behavior has been the object of accusations, because since that moment, she has not left the public’s sights on social networks, where users forgive nothing.

Although social networks were created as a way of virtual entertainment for people, today they are a double-edged sword because, both can help you to be known with your projects, they can also destroy anyone who does wrong and is social or morally.

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This is what has been achieved since the moment when Frida Sofía decided to raise her voice and confess to the world something that she had saved for practically her entire life, so much so that Internet users have created hashtags in support of the famous young woman, and have dedicated to removing from the hidden archives, all kinds of audiovisual content that discredits Mr. Guzmán’s behavior.

Therefore, a huge number of profiles in the aforementioned social networks, mainly in Twitter Y Facebook, have been given the task of uncovering material and videos from the past, images in which it is even clearly seen how the singer improperly touches Veronica Castro in your program.

The novelty around this case is also a video, which everyone is commenting on at this time, this content is also from a few years ago, and in it we can see father and daughter doing a musical interpretation on stage.

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Exactly, Alejandra Guzmán was sharing the stage with her father, who is very close to her face, while they were giving a concert, everything was going well until the famous singer kissed her on the mouth.

Given the fact, she surprisingly responded to the show of affection with another kiss, clearly it is material, it immediately caused controversy, because Internet users questioned these strange displays of affection between father and daughter.

The uncomfortable moment caused a torrid debate with multiple negative comments against him, since for obvious reasons they affirmed that this behavior is totally inappropriate, although the shocking thing is that there were also those who said that this type of affection is totally and completely normal between some families.

There were even those who compared the fact with Vicente Fernández, who all the time expressed his love for his children in the same way, however, most users agree with disapproving of this type of behavior.

As always, people in the network are divided when faced with these types of situations, always wanting to stand out in those who are right or simply defend their idols, even more so when the culture is so ingrained and many things are usually normalized that should not be standardized.

Until now, neither of the two involved in the video clip has come out to say a single word about it.