Disenchanted, Mexican Mickey Román analyzes hanging up his gloves

Juan Manuel Vazquez

La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, November 22, 2020, p. a12

Mickey Roman doesn’t want to think about boxing right now. He is disenchanted and overwhelmed with what he has been through in recent days and in a race against adversity. On Friday he was defeated by O’Shaquie Foster, in a fight that he describes not as tough, but difficult, where he could never find a way to enter the fight. The distance from the rival was insurmountable.

A day before, in addition, he experienced a regrettable moment when the opponent’s coach accused that Roman’s gloves were altered. The California Commission has found nothing, but is conducting an investigation.

I don’t know how they dare to accuse without evidence, claims Roman; They are gloves that arrive packaged and are delivered for review. Only someone very naive can think that I am going to deliver some altered gloves to be inspected. Who would think!

He thinks that if there was something illegal in the gloves, the California Commission would have already issued a position and so far it has not found anything.

When you look at the trajectory of some fighters, you wonder why it is so easy for some. Román struggles, works like a man in the gym, sacrifices himself, but believes that despite everything, it is difficult for him.

This week he will speak with his promoter and decide what to do in the near future. Maybe one more fight, but if he were to lose, he would retire. Roman does not blame boxing, because he owes everything. He says that without this job, perhaps he would have ended up like some of his old comrades on the streets of Ciudad Juárez during the years of greatest violence.

I would have had a tough life on the streets in Juárez like so many I have met, it ends.