Human history is full of small (and big) meaningless wars, confrontations between organisms originally created to get along. For example, it is not understood that the RFET and the circuit IBP Tennis Series You are right now at a point of no return where the relationship is almost unsustainable. And what relationship did they have? A very intimate one, since IBP is the official circuit of the RFET. And what happened? Well, instead of increasing financial support for clubs and tournaments in these times of need, they have decided not to give them any help and have invested that money in creating their own tour of tournaments, the so-called Liga Mapfre Valor de Tenis, where tennis players located beyond the top100 will compete. Is there any reason to explain this last minute flyer? There is and they will explain it to us first hand from the IBP board.

Honestly we don’t get it. This circuit has been pursuing the same objective for a long time, that of helping all tournaments and players, that is why we do not understand why certain leaders of the RFET are not comfortable having a circuit that they recognize but do not support. Instead of having eight € 4,000 tournaments in prize money for the champion in eight different weeks, they prefer to concentrate everything in four weeks. We really do not know that Board members are not interested in the IBP circuit in Spain becoming more and more powerful ”, they point out through a telephone conversation with Punto de Break.

The point of confrontation when designing the summer calendar was that both directives pursued different objectives. “The big difference between IBP and RFET is that we did not agree to give fixed to the players, we did not consider it fair. It is more important to us that all players have the same opportunities, that tournaments are getting bigger and that they earn money on the court. It made no sense considering the policy of our circuit. This is one of the discrepancies that there has been, another is to concentrate that aid only in 10 tournaments instead of doing it with all tournaments ”.

After learning about these differences, the IBP circuit soon issued an open letter expressing this discomfort: “We proposed that all this money go directly from the Federation to the clubs, with complete transparency. No fixes in between and with a proposal of € 100,000 distributed proportionally between the tournaments of the circuit, but we refuse that almost all the aid was for fixes and only a few tournaments. What was the Federation’s response? Give us € 0 ”, point from IBP.

But the story does not end here, the hardest hit was yet to come: presenting a tour of tournaments and inserting them on the same dates as some key tournaments on the IBP circuit. “There is an evident lack of understanding regarding the principles of one and the other. The Federation should be supporting 100% the IBP circuit, much more now that the large circuits are stopped, but they do not understand it that way. Now have placed the four Valor League tournaments on the same dates as the four most important IBP tournaments, after all the work it takes for clubs to build those kinds of tournaments. It does not make any sense, since they could have placed it on any other date ”, they underline.

Is it possible that the IBP circuit has become a competition for RFET? It’s possible. “The disagreement with the Federation is very great, they are doing us a lot of damage, they knew our calendar”, they insist once again. “In fact, the first two tournaments that coincided (Mijas and Gijón) have already been postponed to September / October. What they have achieved is that two very important tournaments for us delay their dates, with all that this implies, in addition to causing a general malaise in all national tennis, both with the clubs, tournaments, organizers and the players themselves. What IBP wants is to help all tennis players; the Federation seems not to

With the ties practically broken, now the IBP circuit will have to reinvent itself so that all that illusion reaches to meet its objectives. “We are going to continue supporting all the Spanish players, trying to create more and more tournaments. From the outset we already have 75 tests, that is the amount we want to reach this year, so all we will do is continue working in that direction. We don’t care if a player is # 1 or # 1,000, we want everyone to have a chance to play. Now we are going to put even more desire and enthusiasm to support Spanish tennis ”, they conclude from a more hopeful point.

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