Discreet entry list for the 2021 edition of the Dubai Baja

The 43rd edition of the Dakar ended a month ago And although Baja Russia served to kick off the Baja World Cup in early February, their feud on snow takes this event away from the usual concept of off-road competition. In this aspect, Dubai Baja is the return to action of some of the main players in the discipline, although the list of entries for the 2021 edition of the test is much more concise than one might expect. In fact, 19 cars and 43 motorcycles and quads they will fight throughout the 200 kilometers against the chrono of the test.

In the car category, there are more absences than confirmed illustrious names. After starting the year in Baja Russia with victory, Vladimir Vasilyev has decided not to participate in the Dubai Baja, in what would have been a good opportunity to score points in the World Cup in Casualties in the absence of many of his rivals. In fact, Khalid Al-Qassimi, Yazeed Al-Rajhi, Eri Van Loon and Denis Krotov are the four big names on the list of entries, always with permission from Yasir seaidan. Among the T3, the presence of Conrad Rautenbach, while with a T4 it will be Laia Sanz with Lucas Cruz.

Laia Sanz will compete in the Dubai Baja at the wheel of a 'Side by Side'Laia Sanz will compete in the Dubai Baja at the wheel of a ‘Side by Side’Read news

It is even more difficult to talk about big names in the category of motorcycles and quads, in which a total of 43 vehicles will participate. In fact, Aaron Mare with the Honda he may be the only rider to follow closely among the ‘motards’. Sam smith with a KTM and the Husqvarna contingent of riders they can give a bit of excitement inside a Dubai Baja that is not in the plans of the official teams of the discipline and that is noticeable. Something similar happens between quads, since among those registered there is none of the protagonists of the past Dakar.