Discovery and Sony create an unexpected advertising alliance

One element that has been very distinctive in the work that brands do today has to do with the influence that Discovery and Sony dominate.

Advertising through traditional media remains a key communication resource.

The content that both channels produce are the great hallmarks of their brands.

Discovery has made an advertising alliance with Sony, to allow the former to be a representative for the sale of advertising in Mexico, Florida and a South American country.

“Adding SPT brands to Discovery’s real-life portfolio will generate scale, reach and creative opportunities for advertisers.

We believe that it will make life easier for our clients, who will be able to optimize their resources by having a unique and prestigious set of brands, genres and programs under one roof ”, he explained Fernando Medin, President of Discovery Latin America / USH.

Advertising in traditional media

Traditional media such as television have become important channels that do not have waste, on the contrary, today they are bets that help us understand consumption and what is even more relevant, help us to identify work trends that they do not disappoint.

Faced with these needs, traditional media continue to be excellent bets to be able to communicate massively with consumers and what is even more important, they are important means of communication that manage to stand out in the market due to the influence they reach and that has highlighted them.

Communicate in contingency

Communication in the midst of the health contingency in which we find ourselves is fundamental, because the communication that brands carry out with consumers depends on it.

This is due to the ability of communication to help consumers understand when they join this channel and from this they begin to develop increasingly relevant guidelines for brands.

Faced with this scenario, an element that we cannot lose sight of is how brands manage to communicate in the market and, most importantly, how they manage to innovate within it.

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