Everything that surrounds a media figure within the reach of Michael Jordan, arouses the interest, or at least the curiosity, of the entire planet. Who is the woman who accompanies 23 of the Chicago Bulls with exemplary discretion and a low profile with the press? Yvette Prieto She is a Cuban model born in 1979 who crossed Michael’s life shortly after he divorced Juanita Vanoy. Those were some of the worst moments in the life of the basketball ace, having to face rumors of infidelities, compromised photographs and a fierce divorce negotiation with his ex, which cost him millions of dollars.

05/20/2020 06:05

His absence from The Last Dance has surprised many. We review his history and reveal his life after the famous divorce with Jordan.

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This woman, a resident of a three-bedroom apartment in Kendall at the time, met Jordan in Miami. She had a solid career as a model, regularly parading with the creations of the famous designer Alexander Wang, and had invested time and effort in studying at the Florida Business School. Known in Spain for having a romantic relationship for years with Julio Iglesias Jr, son of the legendary singer, Yvette was single when she met a Michael in need of stability and order in his life.

They were married in 2013, in a ceremony with more than 500 guests and illustrious names everywhere. The ceremony was the faithful reflection of what has been seen later; absolute discretion, background and absences of any event that could be newsworthy. No details or repercussions of the clause imposed by Jordan and his environment to the good of Yvette before they married, establishing that he fully shields his fortune and it is established that, in the event of separation, a million dollars will be awarded for each year that they have been married.

Others may have resigned or had made a scandal, but Prieto assumed the logical suspicion of a Jordan who suffered a lot with the separation process from Juanita Vanoy. They live happily in the basketball player’s mansion in Chicago, although they tend to travel a lot to Charlotte for the role of Michael’s owner of the Charlotte Hornets. On February 11, 2014, Yvette gave birth to two twins: Ysabel Jordan and Victoria Jordan. Dedicated body and soul to her children and involved in her husband’s business, there are hardly any photos and updates of her on social networks.

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05/12/2020 03:05

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Many were surprised by the absence of Yvette Prieto in all the documentary episodes The Last Dance, in what supposes irrefutable proof of his eagerness to stay away from the media focus and not enter into controversy. 16 years younger than Michael Jordan, the Cuban has found her place in the world and everything indicates that she shares an intimate story of happiness with the best player in history. It remains to be seen if love is forever.