The illusion is felt in the environment with the new signing of the FC Barcelona. Few players in Europe are as charismatic and special as Nick Calathes and its landing in Barcelona has not gone unnoticed. He high salary that he will receive (5.5 million euros in 3 years of contract) make a 31-year-old player become one of the best paid in all of Europe. The bet is risky, considering that he will have to fight for minutes with a player who is radically opposed to him, but just as important and prestigious as he is. Thomas Heurtel.

When so much talent gathers in the same squad, egos management is essential, but if this Florida-born Greek is known for anything, it’s because of his ease of generating play. A base from another time, a born facilitator whose great flaw is the three-point shot and the free kick, but who despite this, has managed to forge a legend in 21st century basketball, in which the external shot seems to be the most important thing. Vision of the game, ability to keep up with the game’s tempo, good hands on defense and an exquisite leadership ability season the virtues of a tremendously imaginative player with the ball.

Its two stages in Panathinaikos They were the most prolific of their career, being the 2011 Euroleague champion and six-time winner of the Greek League, as well as a member of the Euroleague Ideal Team in 2018 and 2019. He took advantage of their pull to find good money in Lokomotiv Moscow, back in the 2012/13 season, in which he made an important qualitative leap, winning the Eurocup and being MVP of said competition. That was the prelude to his great desire: the NBA. Players in his profile are not the most common for the American league, but the experience was not being bad at the Memphis Grizzlies. In his first season he consolidated himself as a substitute base, playing 71 games, with not inconsiderable averages of 16.5 minutes per game, 4.9 points and 2.9 attendance.

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We analyze the improvable trajectory of illustrious names in Europe, which could not take root and establish themselves in the best league in the world

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Sleep abruptly turned into a nightmare when she tested positive for tamoxifen, a substance that when mixed with anabolics, can substantially improve physical performance. He lost the right he had won on the track with his teammates to play the playoffs and sought the love of the motherland, returning to Greece. Nick Calathes He wants to continue being important in European basketball and he aspires to become the helm of a project that is dizzying in numbers and talent. The requirement will be maximum and great emotional intelligence is expected from him to face the peak moments of the FC Barcelona.