The future becomes present, hopes become illusions and life changes completely. It is what any rough diamond of the sport that is recruited by a great club faces. Carlos Alocen is in that position after the Real Madrid has confirmed that he will not be transferred on next season. For the white club to decide to sign an 18-year-old player by making a significant investment and getting ahead of many other clubs that yearned for him, it is evident that the potential of this 1.94m tall base is infinite.

His story is that of any child who grew up in an average city yearning to scratch time to time in order to play basketball. Enraptured from his earliest childhood by this sport to which his father, Alberto Alocén, dedicated himself body and soul and reaped great successes, the good Carlos has experienced a continuous and meteoric improvement in the Zaragoza club’s youth academy. It is an ideal factory for this legendary team, with enough knowledge and experience to know how to lead an emerging talent. He debuted in the ACB League with 15 and 10 months (third youngest in all history to do so, behind Ricky Rubio and Angel Rebolo) and alternated in the lower categories with the first team in 2016/2017.

The jump could not be postponed any longer and his performance in the 2017/2018 season was so amazing, that after a few games he had already been hunted by the Real Madrid. Having a young, Spanish base and the son of a product from the merengue quarry is a joy for the white club, who sees Carlos at the helm who must lead the team’s future. The possibility that Facundo Campazzo emigrate to the NBA and the inconsistency of Sergi Llull as a pure base, looking more and more like a 2, they make it take on a much larger role than might be expected.

« This is a very big change. I have been a lifetime in Zaragoza, but I really want this new stage. I want to go little by little, I am very happy to represent one of the biggest clubs in the world, » highlighted Marca in His presentation was made by a young man who has devastated the Spanish team in lower categories and thanks to the FIBA windows, has already had the opportunity to debut with the absolute, showing magnificent sensations. But what is special about tomorrow? How does Carlos Alocén play?

There is often a lot of talk about how the base position has changed in the last five years and Alocén is able to combine the virtues of the old bases, such as game direction, intelligence on the track and clairvoyance when passing, with a powerful physique and ability outstanding scorer. He is tall, with long arms, good defensive notions and great speed. His innate ability to conduct a counterattack can explode in a team that likes to run as much as he does. Real Madrid.

Although the most exciting thing is the tremendous room for improvement it has and the extraordinary capacity for work it has. In the white club Carlos is seen as a diamond that can be polished and become a player born to succeed in the Real Madrid. He must improve his three-point shot, be more aggressive facing the rim, and show consistent intensity on defense. What many interpreted as a long-term signing, just a year after it became a reality. There will be demand, there will be pressure, but above all, there will be hopes to see a new star in the process of being echoed. Carlos Alocen it has a nice way ahead.