Any minimal setback is reason for a great club like Real Madrid The launch and elimination in the final phase of the ACB 2020 before the semifinals have made Pablo Laso’s team see the need to incorporate new pieces to improve the squad. With the possible departure of Facundo Campazzo to the NBA, the unknowns of whether he will renew Gabriel Deck and the progressive aging of basic pillars in the squad, the merengue team has launched everything towards one of the most outstanding Spanish players currently, such as Alberto Abalde.

07/04/2020 11:07

From Argentina, several media consider the departure of the team led by Pablo Laso to take the course of the highest North American basketball league inevitable.

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This 25-year-old Ferrolano, 2.02m tall and vertiginous mobility, has only improved his performance in recent times. He militated in the Joventut Badalona for four years in which he learned from one of the best schools in all of Europe, to then make the leap to Valencia Basket, where he has become an emblem during his three seasons there. His performance against Real Madrid in the match that measured both teams in L´Alquería was more than outstanding and it seemed obvious that the meringues would try to recruit him. Reasons there are more than enough since in addition to his enormous talent, recruiting a young and national player is always desirable in Chamartín.

Abalde is an eaves of the XXI century. Very mobile, complete, with good hands on defense, remarkable wingspan, intimidation and a very good hand on the outside shot. He suffered against Deck on the low post in duels against him Real Madrid the last seasons, but he supplied that with great defensive hand speed, intelligence and constant penetrations to the basket in attack. He is a player who can open the field, but who has no blush to attack the ring with determination. His innate ability to cut to the basket make him very interesting for a team that in the 3 place, have Rudy Fernández and Jeffery Taylor to its great bastions, in addition to the aforementioned Deck.

It is not ruled out that the Argentine is conquered by some other team in which he could have a greater role, so the signing of Abalde would acquire a much greater relevance for whites. Rudy could mentor a man who stands as his natural replacement in the national team. In the event that the Argentine remained on the roster, Madrid’s external power would gain many points with an Abalde who would provide complementary virtues to Deck’s.

The operation will be brave since the Real Madrid will pay the termination clause of Alberto Abalde, of almost 1.5 million euros, and could incorporate Jordan Mickey to reduce the economic cost somewhat. Currently, the American center does not count for Pablo Laso, who has never been convinced and who, moreover, does not see favorably that he occupies a position as a non-community member. Before Ziziz He is almost signed and would be the natural substitute for Eddy Tavares, in a team that does not want to relax.