Spotify has launched a new microsite in which its users can discover what decade they have been listening to the most on the platform. You just have to enter this link, log in with your Spotify account and wait for the results.

The website was born mainly by one of the biggest trends of this 2020 on Spotify: people are listening to more and more songs from past decades, so much so that they have declared according to their data that the music of the 2000s is experiencing a second golden age.

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Spotify Most Listened Decades

With this website Spotify will analyze your most listened music in the last three months and it will tell you from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, what is your favorite decade and which one have you been returning to most recently.

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It will tell you that you have a special relationship with that time and It will show you a trio of the songs of the decade in question that you have heard the most. It will also show you a “Decadometer” that graphically tells you the percentage of listeners of each decade, and at the end it shares a playlist with the great Spanish hits of your favorite decade (if you are in Spain obviously, this varies between regions ).

So far this year, 56% of music listeners from past decades correspond to songs and artists from the beginning of the century

And just speaking of Spain, Spotify also shared the fact that the 10 songs of the 2000 most listened to in the country are all by Spanish artists. After the 2000s, the 90s is the second most listened to decade, the third is the 80s and “ResistirĂ©” is the most listened to theme of this one.

And before you think that the music of the 2000s is not nostalgic at all if that “was nothing” … 20 years have passed.


Find out which is your favorite decade of music with this new Spotify website