To organize, it is necessary to leave things that are not useful behind and discard them to make way for new material elements, something that is difficult for people who are compulsive accumulators to understand.

You will know what the useful objects are only when you leave the laziness and begin to get rid of what is not useful, in order to make space, to improve the air of the environments, repair useful objects to use again and eliminate negative memories for renew energies within your home.

Expired medicines and cosmetics Accumulated books, magazines and newspapers

You surely have expired medicines and cosmetics What good are they already? It is important that you discard those old pills or makeup that is in contact with your body, as well as those items that you bought in 2×1 promotion and that you have not used since the year you bought it, do not get attached to an object!

Another of the grandmothers’ weak points is their love for porcelain tableware, but many of these have been cracked for a fall probably caused by the grandchildren and it is necessary not to conserve them to prevent the visual disruption that generates negativity inside your ceiling.

Books that you have already read or that you are not going to read, newspapers and magazines They are an ideal source of mites as well as taking up a lot of space and dust. Drop or donate to anyone who is interested! Just like the clothes you have in the closet and you never wear, it’s time to make room and give someone else the opportunity to wear it, you could even get extra money.

Accumulated books, magazines and newspapers

Take a full day to notice those artifacts that need to be repaired And for those who promised to repair and never did, it’s time to understand that space is worth gold.

Last but not least is the imperative work of getting rid of those old food cans that you bought in quantities at some point, which can lead to an upset stomach and end up being confined in a health center.

Discover new spaces where to start rebuilding your home structure from the detachment.