Find out what the members of NSYNC look like 20 years after they became known | INSTAGRAM

Who we were children and adolescents in the 90s, we will remember that the pop band broke all barriers and loved men and women alike, whether for their physique or their incredible talent when dancing or singing, here we will show you what they look like nowadays.

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The “Boy Band” was created in 1996, and had its peak in the late decade and early 2000s, even today they have many followers who continue singing their iconic songs and eagerly await their reunion tours.

Since NSYNC announced a « temporary hiatus » in the spring of 2002, the band has not recorded any new material, the band’s official website was closed in the summer of 2006 and in 2007, Lance Bass confirmed that the band was for him. it has been « definitively separated ». Likewise, in 2009, JC Chasez stated that there will never be an NSYNC meeting.

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However, the group’s website was reopened in 2010 to keep fans informed about the individual projects of the group’s former members.

This is why we decided to remember the boys in this list, where we will show you what pop genre performers look like to date, they are all made-up men, some even with their well-established families and others enjoying their single life. .

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Justin Timberlake: He started a solo career with the release of his debut album Justified in 2002, starred in blockbuster films such as Shrek third in 2007, The social network in 2010, Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits in 2011.

He is also considered the Prince of Pop and President of Pop, on the other hand, he owns his own record label, Tennman Records, in addition to being co-owner of the clothing brand William Rast and the Southern Hospitality restaurant. He has been happily married since 2012 to former American model and actress Jessica Biel.

JC Chasez: In 2004 JC released their debut solo album, without the expected success. His second attempt died along with the singer’s relationship with the label Jive Records, then, he dedicated himself to the production, behind names like David Archuletta, Girls Aloud and The Backstreet Boys, ironically. He was going to be part of the cast of « Jesus Christ Superstar » during the tour in the United States, but in the end the play was canceled, it truly seems a pity that he couldn’t better express his talent.

Joey Fatone: He ended up being the second best placed of the band after it disintegrated, although not necessarily in relation to music. In addition to successfully participating in Dancing With the Stars, Fatone has been an advertiser for several contest shows, such as Family Feud, and has also participated in various plays, such as Rock of Ages, The Producers, and Little Shop of Horrors.

Lance Bass: After redefining his sexuality in 2006 and getting married in 2014, Bass has maintained a medium media presence, first appearing on Broadway, in works such as Hairspray, he has also been recognized with the Visibility Award for his participation in the human rights campaign and their fight for LGBTI rights.

Chris Kirkpatrick: It is only known that he married and has a young son, who seems to be his own double. He met with the rest of the boys for that anticipated reunion of the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013, and recently ventured as a DJ.