Discover what has become of the participants of Lucky Ladies, the reality show where Celia Lora debuted | INSTAGRAM

It was 6 years ago, more specifically in October 2014 when the reality show Lucky Ladies hit the screens, the program was produced by the famous Fox channel and was made up of women who have accompanied great figures of Mexican rock.

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So we were able to see on television Heydee Hofmann, Esmeralda Palacios, Muriel Ebright, Celia Lora, Andy Velázquez and Marichelo Puente who taught us the feminine and family side of the rock world.

The six participating women were from completely different worlds, but they indicate that they are exactly the same as all the families in the world and showed us a bit of what they did when their husbands were not at home.

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Three years after the end of the last episode of the third season, we will show you what has become of the protagonists of “Lucky Ladies”, we will see what fate has in store for each of them.

Heydee hofmann: The Lucky Lady, Paco Ayala’s wife of the most controversial Mexican rock band of all time: Molotov, is the mother of three children, and the youngest is nicknamed “Mi cucurumbé”, she dedicates herself mainly to her family and to support her Exercised figure, as shown from his account on Instagram.

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Esmeralda Palacios: The driver Facundo, now the ex-husband of Esmeralda Palacios, learned shortly before the end of the season that his ex-wife suffers from Lyme, a disease caused by the bite of a tick or a mosquito.

Esmeralda learned that she suffered from this disease after she underwent a test to help another person, given the disease, Palacios managed to lose more than 25 kilos in 2016 and radically changed her figure since then.

Esmeralda and Facundo, who were together for 20 years, announced their separation in June 2016.

Muriel ebright: The model, actress and blogger Muriel Elbright was another of the Lucky Ladies who surprised everyone with the thunder of their relationship before concluding the third season, Muriel was the wife of Randy Ebright, also from Molotov; In 2017 it became known that things between the two were tense, and according to what Shiky shared with Esmeralda Palacios at that time, they were already separating.

Muriel is currently the girlfriend of actor Christopher Uckermann, and Randy is the father of a baby, the product of the relationship he had with the model with whom he cheated on Muriel.

Celia lora: Celia Lora, daughter of the star rocker Alex Lora, generated controversy during her participation in the Reality Show by ensuring that the participants all they did in the episodes was talk about her behind her back.

Although in the broadcast of the program she looked quite different physically, and you may not recognize her due to the obvious cosmetic surgeries, today it is they who have given her the fame she has.

In addition, she is now dedicated to being a model for several clothing brands, had a recent participation in Acapulco Shore and is the host of a program « El consultorio del amor » on MTV.

Marichelo Puente: The Mexican actress famous for working on soap operas like Chiquilladas; He also worked on « Pinocchio, El Musical » and was absent for a few years until he returned to the screens when he was part of the reality show Lucky Ladies.

On May 21, 2011, Marichelo married Jorge D’Alessio Vargas and currently has two children: Santiago and Patricio.

Andy Velazquez: Shortly after Andy Velázquez divorced Vince, a member of the “Rebel Cats”, he began an affair with Ernesto, the same that both boasted on their social networks.

In October 2018, while Andy Velázquez, better known as “Pin-Up”, participated in the reality show Lucky Ladies, his partner Ernesto Adrián García, a great producer of Indie music, unfortunately lost his life in a car accident.

Today, she has a small month-old baby, as well as another slightly older son, who shows that he is very spoiled.