After having fluttered for a long time, Marvin Tillière is in love again. The former Secret Story candidate has just presented his new girlfriend on the Web.

After a tumultuous relationship with Maeva Martinez, Marvin Tillière has apparently found love again. The two candidates had met in 2016 during their participation in Secret Story 10 and had a real love at first sight. Only, their relationship was punctuated by many ruptures and the young woman had even denounced the violent behavior of Marvin.

They had however met during the filming of Moundir and Les Apprentis Aventuriers 4 and had tried to give themselves one last chance. But despite their efforts, they will separate definitively last summer, as confirmed by Maeva in an Instagram story.

Since then, Maeva Martinez has been happily married and got engaged to Jules Havez last February, from whom she is expecting their first child.

Marvin Tillière and his ex Maeva Martinez

Marvin is definitely turning the page

The one who started rap under the pseudonym Le M has obviously had a hard time recovering from his separation with Maeva. He could not help but criticize the new relationship of his ex, as well as her boyfriend, in the flowery language of his own.

But it seems that water has flowed under the bridges. On September 9, Marvin, who is now at war with his namesake Marvin Anthony, introduced his subscribers to the one that makes his heart beat again.

The young man shared a snapshot on which we can see him very close to a beautiful brunette, which he captioned as follows:

La Belle y La Bestia.

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La Bella y La Bestia

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Obviously ready to take on this new relationship, he even tagged his beautiful Spaniard who is called Tatiana and works as a model and yoga teacher in Bali. Its publication has received many compliments, especially from Vincent Queijo, future dad, or his great friend Aurélie Dotremont.

While he had been selected to join the cast of La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 6, could this new love story compromise his participation in the program? Case to be continued …