Discover Katie Holmes’ new hobby 🎨

Katie Holmes shared one of her great passions with her fans on Instagram. Find out what it is here!

The 42-year-old star is usually super reserved when it comes to talking about her personal life, but this year and the arrival of a new love seem to have broken her shell.

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife proved herself to be a multifaceted artist when she shared some of her latest paintings with her followers on Instagram.

On several occasions we saw Katie visiting different art stores or even carrying large bags with racks and although she gave several indications that she loved art and was exploring this new area, this is the first time she has shared it with such pride.

Will you be working on a collection to exhibit once the pandemic is over? At the moment we do not know, but here we leave you some photos of his latest paintings.

“I have been painting for about ten years. And definitely more during Covid. I wanted to share a piece that I am proud of, and while I think art is experienced much better in person, I understand that we are living in a digital age for now. This piece is something that makes me feel hopeful and I hope it transcends… 💕 “

“One of my favorite things to do in New York is walk through Central Park with the people I love. I always discover parts of the park that I have not seen before along with learning new things about my loved ones. This piece is inspired by those walks and the gratitude I feel for the people and the beautiful park 💕 “

Picture that Katie Holmes shared with her followers on Instagram.

Picture that Katie Holmes shared with her followers on Instagram.

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