Figs are a great option to increase the nutrients you give your body, since they provide incredible nutrients necessary for the proper functioning and strengthening of the body.

You can eat this fruit as jam and eat it as jam.

Strong bones

Figs have high amounts of calcium, magnesium and vitamin K, three elements that must work together to get to the bones and fixate on them.

Healthy heart

Thanks to the 3 elements mentioned above, figs allow calcium to stay away from the bloodstream, lower blood pressure and provide potassium that helps maintain a healthy heart.

Full longer

This fruit has a large amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. The latter helps cleanse the colon and the former slows down the digestion process and, although a fast metabolism is ideal for losing weight, slowing down the digestion process of healthy food will allow you to have a prolonged feeling of satiety.

Strigly triglycerides

Triglycerides are relevant markers when it comes to talking about obesity, cholesterol and heart disease. Continuous consumption of this fruit will help you keep triglycerides in control in your bloodstream.

Vision 20/20

The phenol antioxidant is responsible for preserving and improving vision. Figs have large amounts of this type of antioxidant that is more effective than those found in, for example, carrots. The trick is to ingest the dried figs, because thanks to the loss of water the properties of the fruit are enhanced.

A single fruit and many benefits for the body. Start consuming figs and enjoy its flavor and its contributions to your health.