Our home is our temple, but having that vision of a space contaminated by bad smells is a little difficult.

The pleasant aromas allow you to have a high level of concentration to practice relaxation and meditation.

If you want to improve that aspect, this simple air freshener will ensure that every corner of your house is delicately scented with pleasant smells ready, even, to relax.

What do you need?

A jar
Sodium bicarbonate
Essential oils
Cloth or paper
A ribbon, rope, or garter

How do you do it?

Only step: Take the bottle halfway with baking soda and mix it with essential oils that combine in aromas, it can be mint, lavender and almonds or, conversely, use only one aroma.

Mix the powder with 30 drops of the oils, cover with the piece of cloth, seal with tape or a strip and place in strategic spaces in the home, such as bathrooms, kitchen and living room.

When you feel that the aroma has ceased, shake the bottle to stoke the smells and, in case of exhausting them, discard the content and prepare a new one.