You can’t wait to see the sequel to your favorite reality show. Don’t panic, StarMag is giving you a taste of tonight’s new episode. Attention spoilers!

Episode 53 “Coup de théâtre” – 09/15/20

Blow of theater in Hong Kong! Nothing is going well in the house of the Angels! After Chani’s tears, it was Sarah who fell in love following to Jon’s behavior. Indeed, the latter could not stand him comforting another woman than her. A jealousy crisis which led the couple straight into the wall. Morality, where Chani passes, couples pass away.

Fabrice exceptionally initiated a FaceTime from his villa in LA to announce to the Angels that some of them were flying to Tokyo, including John. The goal ? Meet Micky, a Japanese star influencer. Very upset, Sarah confessed that she was disgusted that Fabrice who did not choose her…

For Jonathan “this is too much”

Jon does not take offense. Indeed, he cannot stand being humiliated by Sarah in front of everyone. He even goes so far as to mention ” a lack of respect ” and an ” provocation »To his beauty, who made him look fragile. It is in the dressing room that the two lovebirds settle their accounts, under the watchful eye of Eddy who does not miss a beat. In any case, we love Sarah’s technique for ending a conflict! First, shout “ciao” looking very angry, second slam a door, if you have one available, and voila!

“He’s too hard on me”

For the first time, Sarah lets down her guard and cries bitterly. She finds that her man is too hard on her… But Jonathan still does not understand how this can affect his beauty so much, while Chani is only a child. Eddy will add his grain of salt, or his big grain of sand, and explain to Jon that Chani’s method is only manipulation. According to him, she would have played her last card for fear of finding herself isolated from the group. But, the wise old man ends up apologizing to Sarah that he is going to leave for 1 week.

Yumee goes into vendetta

The beautiful Yumee has an idea: she invites Virgil and Cloé because she wishes get revenge on Illan. Its goal ? Set up a strategy to hurt him. She wants to kiss a candidate to make “the charo” jealous. A strategy which leaves Cloé very skeptical… but which will surround Eddy-les-bons-pipes, fan of gossip of all kinds!

Burger & calories night

After having been advised on their diet to to lose weight, the Angels have found nothing better than to make a “burger” evening. But once again, this quality dish will not succeed in rallying the people. On the contrary, Chani leaves the table while Illan eats in his bed. Gnawed by remorse, Chani will try to apologize for the umpteenth time to the candidate who will remain unmoved …

A new start

Tokyo here we come! Jonathan, Rémy and Océane fly to Japan, without Illan who has not woken up. And as luck would have it, Yumee was not in Cloé’s bed when she woke up… Would the two ex have put the table back? In any case, the candidates are jaded by Yumee’s behavior which constantly blows hot and cold. We let you discover for yourself even if this chaotic story will have a sequel or not … All we can tell you is that a new beginning of the adventure is to be expected!

Today’s report

We counted and in this episode you will hear and watch:

10 sunken burger
3 crying fits
1 sterile conversation
1 wake-up call at 4:05 am
2 departures

The punchline to remember:

We know the cevi (= vice), did you get it or not?

That’s all for us, see you tonight, 6:05 pm, on NRJ12.