discounts and interest-free fees from Banco Provincia

The Province Bank (BAPRO) announced a new return to school benefits campaign that includes discounts and interest-free fees in bookstores, toy stores, school uniforms, shoe stores, computer products and office furniture.

The Banco Provincia clients they can take advantage of up to 30% off And till 6 installments without interest with debit and credit cards. The benefit will be available until March 13.

The entity stressed that the promotion has the objective of « accompanying families in the start of a new school year ».

Discounts from Banco Provincia

Discounts in bookstores and toy stores

From February 19 to March 13, the Buenos Aires bank will be offering 30% off in more than 800 member stores of text bookstores, commercial bookstores and toy stores.

Customers will have a repayment cap up to $ 3,000 per transaction.

Discounts on school uniforms, sports houses and shoe stores

In school uniforms, sports houses and shoe stores Banco Provincia customers will be able to access a 25% discount and up to 6 installments without interest in participating businesses.

The promotion, valid for face-to-face, online and telephone sales, will be valid only on days friday and thursday until March 13.

Discounts on computers and office furniture

Banco Provincia also offers up to 20% discount and up to 12 installments without interest in computer products and office furniture. Also, this benefit will not have refund cap.

This promotion is valid every day until March 13, includes only those customers who have credit card and will not be available for debit cards.