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Discord is a communication tool that in recent years has been sold as an option to connect video gamers. That said, things will change in the future, since the company wants to make several changes to get away from gaming.

In a blog post, Discord announced that it will change its focus through rebranding. With this they seek to be seen as a software where anyone can find a community of what interests them or create their own chat server to chat with their friends.

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The above should not surprise Discord users. Although communication software is more popular with gamers, the reality is that it has been used in other types of communities for a long time. So they simply want their tool to be seen as useful for all types of users.

“Games are what brought many of you to this platform and we will always be grateful for this. Today, many of you use Discord for daily communication. They are sharing thoughts about books, music and art, creating servers to be yourself and share moments with friends ”

What does the above mean for Discord users?

Now, you’re probably wondering, how will this affect our Discord experience? It is not expected in any way.

The company made it clear that they are making changes to have a simpler experience. They also have options to make it easier to create a server and configure it appropriately.

Another important thing is that little by little we will see fewer jokes in the software that refer to gaming. In addition, the brand will stop focusing on gaming issues to better focus on having the image of a communication tool.

And you, what do you think about these changes? Tell us in the comments.

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