Disconsolate !, Kima Sofía asks Kimberly Loaiza to return

Disconsolate !, Kima Sofía asks Kimberly Loaiza to return | Instagram

He abandoned her! Juan de Dios Pantoja assures that Kimberly Loaiza has abandoned her little girl Kima Sofia and to him, the little girl asks for the return of her mother since she misses her and her reaction has disconsolated the followers of JUKILOP.

Through a series of short videos, JD Pantoja shared on his Instagram stories his first-born request for mother, since according to the youtuber, Kim Loaiza has abandoned them; however, he did not specify where the Elder Cuteness was at that time.

He had not told them but the Bigger Cuteness abandoned us, the interpreter of Tactics commented for the camera.

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With Kima aside, Pantoja questioned her where Mom was and the little girl began to ask about the famous musical artist. The singer asked the little girl to tell mom to come back and the beautiful baby was quick to obey her father and break the hearts of those who see the recording with her tenderness.

Mom come, you can hear it in the tender voice of Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza.

For its part, Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza MartínezAlthough she did not specify where she was, she did react to the videos that her husband shared on social networks. The YouTube star shared in her Instagram stories a photograph of her face with tears, with which she assured that the stories of her partner m @ taron, “no please.”

Most likely, the interpreter of Me Perdiste was taking care of her youngest son Mini JD or doing something to fully rejoin her usual rhythm of work on social networks. It should be noted that Kim has a short time to have given birth and surely there is still a lot of care that she must follow for her and her little one.

Kimberly loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja recently entertained their Linduras and Pantojitas by sharing images of the birth of their little Juanito. It was through Kimberly’s YouTube channel that the JUKILOPs shared this special moment with all their followers.

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The birth of Mini JD was an event for social networks, who were eager to see the face of the new member of the family. The rumors began when a photograph circulated that they claimed was the little one, in the midst of the uncertainty, Juan and Kim assured that it was totally false since not even their relatives had been sent images of the baby.

Kim Loaiza caused a huge stir when she announced that she was pregnant, was about to turn 7 months and barely made it known to her followers. Despite this, social networks had already suspected for months about a possible pregnancy of the Greater cuteness.

The youtuber had radically changed her way of dressing for the videos, she went from wearing very tight clothes to huge sweatshirts; Furthermore, her apparent weight change did not go unnoticed. Given this, the internet celebrity came out to deny the possibility of a pregnancy, assuring that she was gaining weight for surgery.

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Shortly after denying everything, the influencer came out to reveal that she was indeed pregnant, but that she had kept it for herself, all to enjoy it to the fullest and without negative energies. She shared that during Kima’s pregnancy there were many bad wishes that made her restless and it was something that she did not want to live again.

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Now little Kima is a celebrity and tends to touch the networks with each appearance with her parents, she always draws everyone’s attention with her tender face, her style and beauty. Surely Mini JD he will also be a celebrity.