Source: Instagram @jamesgunn @elmatadorpr

He Tador Matador ’Hernández caused a sensation in the nets with her cosplay Yondu in TikTok, video which was seen even by the director of Guardians of the Galaxia and so reacted.

« I understand that this is a famous Mexican soccer player that everyone says he looks like Yondu« , wrote James Gunn on his Twitter account, accompanied by the video of the ‘Bullfighter‘.

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The former national team responded to the famous director of Marvel studios and he said he is praised for his message and said that he is « ready » for the next saga of Guardians of the Galaxy.

So far, on Twitter, the video of the Tador Matador ’Hernández It has more than a million visits thanks to the good acceptance it has had, which is why it has become quite viral.