Director of Espiral asks critics to stop calling the film “torture pornography”

Spiral: The Fear Game Continues – 55% Continues hit theaters on May 13 with the names of big stars like Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock ahead. Although the reviews are being mixed, it has been able to slowly make its way at the box office, hinting that it will easily outweigh the investment. But not all is good for those involved in production. Director Darren Lynn Bousman Breaks Out On Twitter Calling On Critics To Stop Calling The Film “Torture Porn”; the filmmaker seeks to clarify that not everything is violence but there are those who do not agree with him.

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Spiral tells the story of Zeke Banks, a detective who works in the shadow of an esteemed police veteran and his rookie partner. Together they take charge of a grisly murder investigation that is eerily reminiscent of several homicides in the past. Involuntarily trapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the murderous game of murder. It is about the return to history of the most ghoulish forms of murder that the Hollywood industry has offered.

Lynn bousman took his official account on Twitter to send a clear message to the critics of specialized pages that have dedicated themselves to branding Spiral like a too violent movie. Here the publication:

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Well. Can we just STOP with references to ‘torture porn’ in your articles? That is so 2008.

There were some who tried to reassure the filmmaker with a few words in which they consider torture pornography a prominent genre with few representatives in the industry:

Do not be ashamed! Torture porn is one of the few new modern sub-genres and you are a major forerunner for it.

Spiral: the fear game continues It is not a horror movie in the strict sense. The franchise of Saw It was always characterized by its violent executions, being really bloody and dedicated to feeding the curiosity of those who like that type of exhibition. Spiral puts on the table the classic elements of the saga: the death traps, the gore, the screams and the despair, shaping a new installment that will bring good memories to the most veteran fans and will splash with emotion to those who are just starting in his lore.

Will we see Spiral turned into a resounding blockbuster? The film had a budget of just $ 20 million, so it won’t be too difficult to raise enough dollars to stand out in the market. Jackson Y Rock They are a couple of well-known stars in the Hollywood industry, so it will not be difficult for the film to continue to attract the attention of the public in the following days or weeks; after all, we have one of the greatest talents in Marvel Studios in mind.

Samuel L. Jackson will be returning to Marvel soon with What If…? The animated series from the studio that will soon arrive on the Disney Plus platform. Of course we will also see him return for more adventure in live-action with the superheroes, but so far we do not have details about the projects in which he will be present. The Marvel Cinematic Universe still has a lot to offer its audience and Nick Fury is a fundamental part of it. It is worth wondering if the end of the character is close in the history of the saga, as we remember that some important heroes have left and others will do so very soon.

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