Direct competition !, VLA will face Hoy with reality

Direct competition !, VLA will face Hoy with reality | Instagram

Faced with the success of The Stars Dance Today, Venga La Alegría does not plan to sit idly by and has thought about facing the morning star of Televisa with his very strategy, a reality show.

VLA has announced last Friday, June 25, that on Monday 28 they will start with the third season of a beloved morning reality show “El Gran Chef”. The Azteca television program took advantage of its broadcast on Friday to give more details.

In direct confrontation with the Hoy Program and taking advantage of the fact that its Las Estrellas Bailan dance contest in Today has just come to an end, the drivers of Come the joy They will be part of The Great Chef.

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This reality very similar to the successful Master Chef, previously hosted by Anete Michel, will face the morning drivers one by one in the kitchen. Renowned chefs will be part of this reality show and will request various types of dishes from these celebrities.

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Not on the dance floor, but with the upper hand they will face: Patricio Borghetti against Cynthia Rodríguez, Anette Cuburu against Capi Pérez, Sergio Sepúlveda against La Chicuela, Ricardo against Tábata, Roger against Alejandro, Flor against William, Horacio against Érika and Penelope Menchaca against Los Destrampados.

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Like the program produced by Andrea Rodríguez Doria, Venga La Alegría will be part of the reality show within the usual morning hours, between 11:00 and 12:30. For its part, the Hoy Program will not give up on reality shows either.

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