Dinosaur Planet, a game that became Star Fox Adventures, is already circulating online

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 02/21/2021 4:00 pm


Star fox adventures is a controversial game with a very interesting development. Originally planned as a release for the Nintendo 64 under the name Dinosaur Planet, this title was developed by Rare, prior to its acquisition by Microsoft. However, it was Shigeru Mityamoto who made the decision to introduce Fox McCloud and bring this title to the GameCube. After more than two decades, a group of hackers have found and published this title, and now you can play it.

The Twitter bio of Forest of Illusion, those responsible for sharing this version of Dinosaur Planet with the world, states that the people behind the account are “preserving the history of Nintendo.” According to a tweet, the group acquired the game’s development codes from a Big N collector, and have released them online. Thus, the game is now available to anyone with internet access.

Unfortunately, Forest of Illusion mentions that this title does not work effectively in an emulator. Thus, those who decide to download this title, will find a series of problems. However, Dinosaur Planet is still playable to some degree, but those responsible for this leak suggest that digging into the code will be a necessary step before it can be considered fully playable.


Via: Forest of Illusion

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