Final Fantasy VII sells 2.2 million digital copies in its first month, in the wake of Animal Crossing.

The video game industryIt has skyrocketed its numbers in recent months. This afternoon we released the US sales data with its new record for the month of April, and now SuperData data for the consumer market has been games around the world. Here, and after a month in March where Animal Crossing set the new digital sales record in a month, April has left us with another record in the digital field.

According to the agency, the digital video game market gener10.5 billion dollars worldwideduring the month of April, setting a new record for the sector. This supposesan improvement of 17%compared to April 2019, where they report that mobile revenue grew by 14%, PC revenue by 12%, andconsole revenue by 42%.

The console game that generated the most income during the month was Animal Crossing: New Horizons, followed by Final Fantasy VII Remake and by a classic in-game purchases,FIFA 20. In this sense, in April they were sold3.6 million digital copies of Animal Crossingworldwide, followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered which, despite its remaster status, has sold3.4 million unitsduring the month.

For his part,Final Fantasy VIIandResident Evil 3, the great premieres of a month of April marked by confinement, had a good digital premiere with2.2 million and 1.3 million digital copies each, while multiplayer games experienced strong growth on all platforms: “Confinement made players come back and spend[dinero]in online games with some age. The income ofLeague of Legendsthey peaked since February 2017, anduser numbers hit an all-time high“SuperData comments.

“Similarly,Grand Theft Auto Vsaw the highest monthly spending onin-game contentof his entire life in April. The game will also receive a significant boost to its PC numbers in May given a free offer that caused the Epic Games Store to collapse. “They have generally beenbig numbers for all titles in the digital realm, and we will see if this trend continues in the coming months as the confinement de-escalation occurs in different countries.

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