TOKYO – If an “effective” vaccine against COVID-19 is not developed, it will be “extremely difficult” to hold the next Olympics in 2021, the president of the Japan Medical Association Yoshitake Yokokura warned today.

The expert reviewed the tools that Japan has to fight the coronavirus pandemic and mentioned the decision of the organizers of Tokyo 2020 to postpone the Olympics for next year, which was originally scheduled to start on July 24 of this year .

They will now begin on July 23, 2021, in the belief, according to the organizers, that there will be enough time for the derivations of the coronavirus pandemic to be traced.

“My personal opinion is that if an effective vaccine (against COVID-19) has not been developed, it will be difficult to celebrate the Olympic Games,” Yokokura said in a telematic press conference that he offered from the headquarters of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan ( FCCJ) in Tokyo.

“I wouldn’t say they shouldn’t be held, but it would be extremely difficult,” added Yokokura, one of the most respected voices in Japan in efforts to fight the pandemic.

The president of the association expressed the need to accelerate global efforts to obtain better drugs that stop the spread of the new coronavirus as well as the development of an effective vaccine.

But Yokokura avoided clearly stating whether the Japan Medical Association is against the celebration of the Olympics. as of July 23, 2021 if a vaccine is not available by then.

As he pointed out, he cannot issue an opinion in this regard because it is necessary to know the global situation in the dates prior to the Olympic competitions, since, although Japan may have controlled the expansion of the new coronavirus, the situation in other countries should be taken into account .