Difference between an atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb

Do you know the difference between an atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb? We have the answer to this question in the following lines.

One is bad, the other is worse. Let’s talk about the difference between an atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb.

It is a shame that humans have discovered how the sun works, because if we had not realized that, we would never have learned how nuclear fusion works. And if we hadn’t learned that, we wouldn’t be worried about the weapons of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who likes to add bombs to his box of nuclear toys.

Fission bombs or atomic bombs, as their name suggests, work by splitting unstable radioactive atoms, which trigger a nuclear chain reaction that releases enormous amounts of destructive energy instantly. As was the case with “Little Boy”, the US bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Another case was the “Fat Man” bomb, dropped on Nagasaki days later, it was also a fission bomb, but in this case its explosive fuel was plutonium 239. Fat Man produced an explosion equivalent to 21 kilotons, or a thousand tons, by TNT. Little Boy unleashed 15 kilotons.

A fusion bomb, better known as a hydrogen bomb like the one North Korea says it successfully tested, is a far more terrifying beast.

It also involves an explosion to begin with, but the fission that uses that fearsome explosive acts merely as a trigger. It releases enormous heat when the fusion explosion goes off inside the bomb, compressing a fuel in the hydrogen core.


What exactly is the fusion reaction that takes place in the center of the Sun, where hydrogen atoms fuse into helium, emitting light, heat and other types of energy.

Hydrogen bombs are much more powerful than atomic bombs.

Either way, the concern is alarming. Nuclear weapons are scary, no matter what happens and even less in the hands of an unstable state like North Korea.


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