In a great conversation with Javier Frana and Alex Corretja, in ‘Uploaded to the network’, Diego Schwartzman valued many different issues. His voice, always thoughtful, close, with personality, attended to the two former players to talk about their work team, the Relief Fund, the hit of the circuit that would steal from another player, or the game that they would play again and take that Thorn.

– About having a great personal treatment in their professional ties.

“I was always a person who needs to have the confidence to make jokes, ask him anything and that is not literally a professional relationship. It goes with my way of being, I have always been leading relationships in that direction. But I am very clear that when I get the ball and I start training, the jokes are over, I start listening to it. I do not improvise or trivialize, I hired Juan (Chela) to improve as a tennis player, I knew we were going to get along but I hired him to be better. “

– Your opinion on the Relief Fund.

“I am 100% informed of everything that is happening. It is a very delicate issue, I think tennis is very poorly managed, it could never be fixed so that it was not always concentrated in few people, so I think tennis should be sold in a single body. On the subject of the Fund, there is also a reality, there are players who are the 200 in the world who have a good economic context, for family reasons. And that comes out of my pocket to help them and not to My uncles or my friends, who have a hard time, it costs me. I prefer to pay the Argentine coaches instead of the top-300 that is from Georgia. I think the ATP and some players made a decision very quickly, without much consultation. It’s a touchy subject. In that sense, Gaudenzi’s first talk was promising, he said what the players were expecting. I know the Challengers have improved in hospitality and other issues but the Futures are tough. “

– Diego was left with a blow from another player for his game.

“I would keep Federer’s serve, then with my long game I am worth it (laughs). With that serve you can do whatever you want from the second ball. His serve is perfect, he is not the strongest, but at his speed has incredible control, the second ball can be handled however you want. “

– A match that I would play again.

“I would return to play the game I played and lost to Nadal at Roland Garros, the one due to rain. I think he was dominating, with set and break up, I don’t know if I could have won that game but I kept that thorn. I was playing very good.”