Diego Rincones and José Alguacil spoke about Venezuela’s victory over Colombia (Video)

The player Diego Rincones and the manager Jose Alguacil they talk about the victory of Venezuela about Colombia in the Pre-Olympic 2021 that takes place in Florida.

The Venezuelan team won with a home run of Diego Rincones over Colombia with a score of 3-2, getting their second victory of the tournament.

For this reason, both the slugger who hit the winning ball and the manager of the national team Jose Alguacil they gave their declarations of the Venezuelan triumph.

Diego Rincones:

At the press conference the player spoke that from the first inning they came out with a positive mind with everything for the victory.

He mentioned that during the game he felt comfortable at the plate and in the last turn he went out in search of a pitch, which was repeated and did not miss it so he could hit the ball.

Rincones says that the home run is the most important hit of his career and that his wife, family and Venezuela.

José Alguacil:

The helmsman expressed his joy for the Venezuelan victory, told his players to always believe in them, that the game does not end until the last out, it was Rincones’ turn to be the hero and it is the game won for the entire team and more of thirty million Venezuelans.

Sheriff He indicated that the team’s victory represents one more step, we have to keep fighting, we have not reached where we want to go, but it is one more victory and it should be celebrated, although there is a game tomorrow so we have to focus on it.

Regarding the work of Erick Leal, he was pleased that it gave him that extra in his performance, since his relief was quite used the day before, but they are prepared for that type of games.

On the situation with the pitcher Almeida, he said that the plan was to end the inning with him, but he was aware of the matter, specifically he had a substance that was like a hit and he tried to make the referees flexible, but the rules are the rules.

When Almeida left, the helmsman declared that he went with the bullpen in search of the most experienced pitcher, such as Moya, and he is satisfied with what his players did in the engagement.

The helmsman finished saying that now they are going against Canada and that they are going to do whatever they have to do to go to Tokyo.

Regarding the case of Almeida, he believes that if there will be consequences for what he did, I hope they would give him the opportunity but unfortunately he believes that there will be.

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