Diego Molea, a dialogue academic who traveled the entire political arc

Diego Molea, traveled the entire political arc to anchor next to Kirchnerism Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fabián Marelli

TO Diego Molea he likes to be identified as a Kirchner academic. The new president of the Council of the Magistracy came to that body in representation of the seat of the academy, while he is rector since 2011 of the National University of Lomas de Zamora, but his career was forged in the furnace of politics, as a « university shipowner. »

His first steps in the militancy were within the Purple Stripe, but he soon found shelter in the Buenos Aires Peronism of Eduardo Duhalde, then in the middle avenue of Sergio Massa, after which he flirted with the Macrismo and, finally, with the Kirchnerist Peronism, which anointed him at the top of the body that is in charge of appointing and removing judges.

Molea, 48, is from the south of Buenos Aires. He was born in José Marmol, grew up in Lanús, is a fan of Temperley, club in which he was re-elected as second vice president two weeks ago. Another position won thanks to his doll for politics.

Those who do not have much sympathy define it as « Rosquero ». Those who love him, on the other hand, prefer to characterize him as someone who « Build bridges » and seek consensus. The truth is that in the Council of the Magistracy he is a dialogist and talks with all sectors, from those closest to Together for Change to Kirchnerism, passing through the representatives of the judges. There are many magistrates who exchange opinions with Molea, even without having representation in the Magistracy.

Although Molea entered the Council in 2018 on very good terms with macrismo, a year later he adapted to the change of government and deepened his ties with the current Minister of the Interior, Eduardo «Wado» De Pedro, then a member of the Council, and his brother, Geronimo Ustarroz, current representative of the Executive Power in the body.

Those links are just a sample of Molea’s « plasticity » to build alliances, even on old inquinas. In 2013, for example, the name of De Pedro appeared among the promoters of the outpost with which Kirchnerism tried to dethrone Molea, then a massista, from the Lomas de Zamora Bar Association. The mayor also appeared associated with that crusade Martín Insaurralde, the same one that today celebrated the appointment of Molea.

De Pedro and Ustarroz are his political interlocutors in the Kirchner wing of the Frente de Todos. In the territory of southern Buenos Aires, recognizes in Aníbal Fernández a reference. In fact, when he assumed as Counselor of the Magistracy, that was the reproach he made Lilita Carrió, sworn enemy of Aníbal Fernández.

Separated, with two adolescent male children, when he is not in the Council or on the court, the vice appears when cooking. The good relations that the ruling party achieved with the opposition at the end of last year in the Council, which allowed it to unblock the appointment of Alberto Boico, Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer in the Federal Chamber, matches her vocation for dialogue.

When sworn in as president of the Council, he raised the guidelines of his management: he recognized that there is a debt of Justice with society and pointed out that he considers it necessary to activate the Selection Commission, not only to name the replacements of Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi in the Federal Chamber, but to fill the rest of the vacancies.

He promised not to use the Indictment Commission, which imposes sanctions on judges, as an element of pressure. He understands that the Council is not known to the public, so it is necessary to communicate his management and put aside the conflict with the Court, to work more together. For now, a statement of good intentions.

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