Maradona agreed to continue with Gymnastics for 18 months. But if Antonio Torres wins the elections in Spain … (. / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / File)
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« If I am the next president of the Spanish Federation, Diego Armando Maradona will be the next Spanish coach for the next two years. He will be the coach in the Qatar World Cup, with the aim of reaching the final. The best player in history, who passed through here in Barcelona will sign on my team. I have negotiated it with Matías Morla, Roberto Trotta and all his team. They are very simple, humble people and Maradona is highly trained as a coach, his knowledge is above all in soccer. ”

The statements of Antonio Torres in Betevé Spanish soccer shook the media. The former referee and former player of Sabadell, Gimnástico Mercantil y Terrasa presents himself as candidate for president in the elections of the Royal Spanish Federation. And, as he could find out Infobae, offered Ten a « millionaire contract » to agree to lead the Fury for the period 2021 and 2022. Hence, he was encouraged to communicate it officially: there is a word agreement with Morla, the agent of the star, 59 years old. Former defender Roberto Trotta, mentioned in his statements, participated in the talks.

The dialogue between the lawyer and the manager, who at the time bet on being president of the Catalan Federation, takes several months. And the agreement would be executed only if Torres prevails in the elections. In the present, Diego has a relationship as coach of Gimnasia La Plata for the next 18 months.

Maradona is the idol of Torres. In the bid to lead the Spanish Federation, for the moment he has only one contender: Luis Rubiales, the current owner of the chair, given that ex-goalkeeper Iker Casillas declined his candidacy 15 days ago. At the moment, the elections do not have a date (they were scheduled for August 17 or September): the Administrative Court of Sport today canceled the call for « defects in forms ».

Beyond the date, Torres knows that Rubiales surpasses him in structure and followers. Consequently, he appealed to a strong letter to shake up the contest and gain visibility in the media. And what better than to get on the image of Maradona, recognized throughout the planet, as a hook. At this time, the coach of Spain is Luis Enrique, former coach of Messi Barcelona, ​​who led, among other titles, to the 2014-2015 Champions League.

Pelusa already has experience at the national team level: he led Argentina in part of the Qualifiers on the way to South Africa 2010 and in the World Cup, a contest in which he reached the quarterfinals, where he was eliminated by Germany. This tournament was won precisely by Spain, directed by Vicente del Bosque.


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