The leak of a video from two years ago Diego Maradona dancing in the privacy of your home in Mexico with Veronica Ojeda, his then partner, put the issue of the former footballer’s health back on the table. The matter was further mediated when her daughter Gianinna said that together with her sister Dalma they will try to get her father to treat her alcohol addiction through Justice.

« I’m at the limit where I don’t have to expose my dad. If I do, it’s in front of a judge. That it can be done judicially, ”said Gianinna last Thursday in Intruders, and made reference to the fact that they do not take care of him from his environment. Even, it transpired that they would denounce that environment, which includes the lawyer Matías Morla, by « Intellectual abduction » and « illegitimate deprivation of liberty ».

A few days before, Dalma had expressed himself in the same sense, when he said that he could not communicate with his father since « every time he talks to my sister or me they change it. » In a post, he noted that all he wanted to do was show his daughter, Rome, through a video call. « Are they going to deprive him of that too?« , I ask.

Gianinna asked through her Twitter account “an honest lawyer” to take charge of this matter. While some suggested the name of Fernando Burlando, she discarded it because she does not want to mix this issue with the defense of the lawyer to Claudia Villafañe, in the different trials that the event planner has with her ex.

In any case, Burlando spoke by phone with Intruders last Monday and said that if Gianinna wants to take legal action and requires it, he is willing to help her. And he made another reference to the surroundings of the Ten: “I am of the idea that for a person to be deprived of his liberty it is not only necessary to be in a cellar or locked with a padlock, there are other ways to deprive liberty. When one does not have the capacity and the possibility to decide, it is an eloquent form of deprivation of liberty« 

« The episodes that have repeatedly occurred in the lives of Diego Maradona’s relatives, in the notes he has made, for example, that had to be rectified by him, without there being a single proof that he has expressed these manifestations, they talk about being cornered and running his life« He assured.

Now, tired of these statements and the versions about your health, Diego recorded a strong video to which he had access Teleshow to demonstrate about it. He did it with a forceful and ironic message.

The strong video with which Diego Maradona responded to Fernando Burlando and his daughters (Video: Teleshow) (Infobae)

In the video he is seen sitting in an armchair and with his hands tied, as if he were imprisoned. But on his wrists he does not wear handcuffs, but a ribbon that belongs to the cake that was part of the celebration for the 34th anniversary of the consecration in Mexico 86. « Oh, I didn’t know he was in prison. I didn’t know, reallyHe says, looking at the camera, his voice trembling.

But he quickly « breaks free » of the tape that ties his hands and changes the tone of his voice: “Look how imprisoned I am. This is from the cake that was made here, in this house » More serious, he closes the video: « Prisoner, the balls« 

In this way, Diego expressed without turns your support for the environment that accompanies you day by day, not now during the quarantine, but for a long time, even in Mexico, stage in which the video that came to light recently was recorded and that exposed the problems that it would have with alcohol, according to the words of her daughters greater.

Without referring to a particular event and without specifying any recipient, Dalma used his Twitter account on Monday night to leave his message, in the midst of this conflict: “On the one hand we are all who really love him and the another … Well, you know. There are two sides and it is very simple to know if you are doing things right when you see the parasites on the other side« 

Dalma’s message (Photo: Twitter) (Pablo Riggio /)


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