Diego Lainez has a foot and a half in the Olympic Games | Excelsior


Jaime Lozano will enter a stretch and loosen with the coach of the senior team, Gerardo Martino this Wednesday when both strategists define who will go to the Gold Cup and who will go to the Olympic Games. In the event that Tata agrees, Diego Lainez will go to Tokyo with the team, since apparently the youth would have the approval of Real Betis to attend.

“So far, yes, I will have a meeting tomorrow with Martino and Torrado to try to define the last lists, in what I stayed with Laínez is that there will be no problem in being transferred, I hope that tomorrow it can be confirmed, that Diego can to be part of this process and to be in the Olympic Games ”, affirmed Lozano.

While to the surprise of Andrés Guardado, who said in previous days that he did not understand Lozano’s determination so as not to take him into account in the pre-list, Jimmy, indicated.

Andrés is a benchmark of Mexican soccer and a better person, you have to make a pre-list but in the end we can change everything, the choices at the moment are also that Andrés is an important player in the major, Andrés has to know that what I think of he is the great captain of this moment, one of the players who has given the most to our team and we will see in the negotiations what we can have ”, he concluded.


The Tri Olímpico still has a preparation match before facing the maximum fair in Tokyo, the coach Jaime Lozano acknowledged that the team does not generate enough opportunities, this after equaling one against Saudi Arabia in the penultimate game of preparation that the team will have before the Tokyo Olympics.

Today Lalo Aguirre plays and we could not generate options, today we were not able to generate anything for Lalo, it is happening to us as in the pre-Olympic, the people who come from behind are the ones who score, it is the merit of the team that not only the striker scores but you have to generate more for those in front, you have to be more incisive and the forwards should be more selfish and take risks, know that we have to score goals, kick at goal, otherwise it will be impossible ”, he mentioned.

Against Australia it will be the last chance for several players to fill Jimmy’s eye before the final list is due on the 30th.

What is needed, to improve, each game, each training session we want to improve, we want to develop a good idea of ​​the game, generate options, advantages and generate good things for the forwards, they are in the right position to achieve and we must try to choose the best possible, under 24 and the three reinforcements, first make a large human group and then reach the highest in JO ”, he indicated.


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