Diego Lainez and Edson Álvarez, the priority of ‘Jimmy’ Lozano for the Olympic Games

‘Jimmy’ Lozano, coach of the Mexican Olympic National Team, has as a priority, to convince Diego Lainez and Edson Álvarez, as well as Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino, to give in to the players and they can be for Tokyo 2020 instead of the Gold Cup.

According to Rubén Rodríguez, a journalist for Fox Sports, the Club América youth players are a priority for Lozano, since being players who give their age, they would not occupy a reinforcements position and would considerably raise the level of the National Team.

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Although it was said that in addition to the Americanists, Lozano had his sights set on 4 Efraín Álvarez and Gerardo Arteaga, if only two players could negotiate, he would stay with Edson and Lainez.

The Olympic Games and the Gold Cup will be played in summer and the players will not be able to attend both competitions, so they will have to agree between the technical bodies of Lozano and Martino.

Lozano will have to ‘lower’ from those summoned to the Pre-Olympic, to at least 5 players, since the call for Tokyo is 18 and the Pre-Olympic took 20. In addition, another 3 players will give their place to the 3 reinforcements.

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