Atlético de Madrid forward Diego Costa starred in a controversial scene at the end of the game that his team played against Liverpool in Anfield, corresponding to the return of the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Spanish-Brazilian player toured the mixed zone, making it appear that he was coughing to avoid answering the questions of the journalists present, in a new display of his peculiar bronco and slum style.


Act at 11:25


Costa’s joke, in obvious bad taste, came amid the world alarm that has caused the spread of the coronavirus. In the video broadcast by the program ‘El Chiringuito’ you can see the mattress frontman walking the journalists’ corridor in the mixed zone while avoiding questions pretending to cough and saying “don’t leave me, look”.


Diego Costa had been a starter against Liverpool, although his coach, Diego Simeone, replaced him at the start of the second half, a decision that was not well received by the player. The Hispanic-Brazilian left the pitch ranting and when he reached the bench he threw the anorak that had been given to him and kicked a bottle in an evident display of his anger.