Diego Boneta reacts to the controversies caused by the Luis Miguel series

The second season of Luis Miguel: the series not only drew the attention of the public, but of those people who would have been involved in the singer’s past and who were portrayed on television causing diverse reactions. Diego Boneta, the protagonist of the show, spoke about the controversy that the series caused among the people who lived with El Sol and who assure that the story did not happen that way.


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Like Boneta, Macarena Achaga, spoke about Michelle Salas’ statement, in which she expressed her dissatisfaction with how her character was portrayed and assures that she had a close relationship with her before recording the chapters.

Reactions everywhere

Chapter by chapter, the second season of the biographical series of Luis Miguel sparked reaction from people involved with the singer in real life. In addition to Michelle Salas, Isabela Camil And till Jose Perez, his former personal secretary, spoke about the plot to explain that things were not like that.

Diego Boneta, thinks

Upon his arrival at the international airport in Mexico City, Diego Boneta spoke with various media about these reactions. The actor and producer of the series assured that he had nothing to do with the decisions of the characters, since it is Luis Miguel who has the last word.

His stance

“I am one of several producers. Believe me that if I were the one with the final decision it would be another wave, but I am one of several producers, “he said.

A quality series

Diego added: “In the end it is something told by Luis Miguel and we try to do this in the best possible way, with the best possible quality for all the public.”

Macarena Achaga and her contact with Michelle Salas

One of the great disagreements about his character in fiction was on the part of Luis Miguel’s daughter, Michelle Salas, who described him as violent and sexualized. In addition, he assured that he did not allow the use of his image, name or personal life.

For this reason, Macarena’s statements to the Ventaneando program (Mexico) caused confusion among the followers of Luis Miguel, Michelle and the series.

This is how the character arose in fiction

“From the outset, when I stayed with this character, I had a very clear vision of what Michelle in fiction had to be like. And for me she is a woman who will only learn to be strong, to be a pillar, to be independent, “recalled Macarena Achaga.

He did talk to Michelle

“In my process of creating the character, I spoke with Michelle, but this creation of the character is mine and the directors,” he explained. And although it confirms that Michelle knew that she would be portrayed in the chapters of the second season, it does not mean that she was aware of the plot and the details of her personal life that would be told on television.

Michelle, with all the support of her family

After Michelle Salas made her opinion public in a statement on social networks, her mother, Stephanie Salas, and his sister, Camila Valero, raised their voices to defend her.

Mom to the defense

“I find it reprehensible, unnecessary and in bad taste, the way in which the creative and involved people of the second season of the series of Mr. Gallego, father of my daughter, have portrayed the image of my daughter Michelle,” Stephanie wrote.

Always on the side of his daughters

“Hopefully they realize that they have touched very sensitive fibers, trespassing and personally attacking the dignity, respect, and integrity that my daughter Michelle Salas, as a woman deserves. On behalf of my daughters, my mother and my own, we say: Enough is enough! 💜 ”, he added.

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