Diego Armando Maradona’s autopsy reveals that his heart weighed twice as much as normal

New news regarding the death of Maradona. Although the eternal ’10’ rests in peace since last Thursday in the Bella Vista cemetery, the debates around the death of Pelusa continue. The latest is that the medical services have discovered in his autopsy that his heart weighed twice as much as normal for a person of his characteristics. It was also confirmed that the reason for his death was a “Acute lung edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure.”

The data from the autopsy performed on Diego Armando Maradona after his death they are clear: his heart weighed 500 grams, twice that of a normal person. Now, the objective of the medical services is to clarify these reasons since at first they suspect that it may be due to a malfunction of the associated nervous system or the cardiovascular system.

Tests will continue in the coming days to find what led to Maradona to die of a heart attack in the early afternoon of last Wednesday. In the next few days they will begin to analyze the blood and urine to determine if Maradona consumed some other substance apart from the medications that he used to consume in his day to day. These analyzes will complete the medical part and all the causes of death of the ’10’. All the tests will begin to be analyzed on December 8 under strict security measures.

The cause of death is also revealed

What was confirmed after the first autopsy is that the reason for the death of Maradona it was “acute lung edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure.” Despite this confirmation, in the coming days the reasons for the death of a Diego Armando Maradona will continue to be revealed, which has brought a great controversy after the imputation of doctor Leopoldo Luque by the Argentine prosecutor’s office for alleged “culpable homicide”.

For more than three hours, the police even searched yesterday’s house and office. LuqueTherefore, the doctor and friend of Maradona had to come out and face the media to absolve himself of all blame and confess that he did nothing but help. There is no medical error. Unfortunately, a heart attack is a fact that could happen to such a patient, “Luque confessed a few days ago at the door of his home.