Diego and Lola will star in the first confrontational bonfire of the edition

On the night of Monday February 23, ‘The debate of temptations’ aired a new installment on Telecinco. In it, the format led by Sandra Barneda responded to one of the biggest unknowns that the last broadcast of the reality show left behind: who would be the protagonists of the first confrontational bonfire of the third edition of the reality show, specifically, Diego James Lover and Lola Mencía, after the Cantabrian requests the meeting.

Diego requests a bonfire of confrontation with Lola in ‘The island of temptations’

The delivery that will be broadcast on Thursday, February 25, will thus, in theory, show the bonfires of both the girls and the boys, in addition to the reunion between Diego and Lola, in case the Leonese accepts the request of her partner, which seems very likely. « I want to get to the point and, if you can talk to her, I want to, » declared the Cantabrian, in the brief preview issued by ‘The debate of temptations’, when requesting the meeting with Mencía in what was his third bonfire of the edition, together with his companions.

Arantxa Coca, psychologist of the format, had the opportunity to contribute her vision in this regard after revealing what could be seen in the next installment of the reality show. « I did not bet that it was Diego who asked for it, » confessed the professional, who He added that the « strong point » of the couple « has never been the dialogue. » « Hopefully they can take advantage of this opportunity », wished Coca, and then opt for what would be more likely to happen in the reunion of Diego and Lola, given the nature of both: « we will see again ‘Pride and prejudice’ ».

The touching with Carlos, the possible trigger

Diego’s request would come, more than likely, after he sees the latest images of Lola that were issued last Thursday, February 17. The Cantabrian then saw how his partner cried lamenting his closeness to Simone Coppola and confessing how much he missed him, after the program offered one of the boys the opportunity to see, live, for ten minutes, what was happening in the villa of his girlfriends. Despite the fact that the Leonese even ended her close relationship with the Italian, the fact that Carlos ended up spending the night with Lucía Sánchez and Lola, prompted the second to star in some touching under the sheets with the tempter, something that Diego will surely have the opportunity to see.. Some comings and goings by the veterinarian, which would be the most likely reason why the Cantabrian would choose to speak with his girlfriend to clarify the situation and make a decision about the future of their relationship.