Did you lose the pink sheet with your IMSS number? You don’t need it

Are you starting a new job and they asked for your pink IMSS sheet to see your Social Security Number? Although this document is no longer so common, it is possible that in some work centers they ask for it.

The first thing you should know is that the pink sheet is a document, which is precisely that color, where your Social Security Number (SSN) comes from, before, to obtain it, it was necessary that you go to a sub-delegation of the IMSS to do the procedure. Currently, because several procedures have been digitized, you can do them online.

How to process your SSN. Photo: Reform What documents do you need

If you want to request this document without leaving home, all you need is your CURP and an email, as well as a device, either a telephone or a computer, with an internet connection.

Although you can also do it in person, you must wait for your closest IMSS unit to enable appointments to do these procedures. In those cases, what you must bring is a birth certificate, a valid official identification and your CURP.

How to do the procedure

If you want to do this online procedure, you just have to follow the following steps:

Enter the page Fill in the requested fields (CURP, email and verification code) After completing this information, it will automatically show you a screen where you can see your SSN. One of the advantages is that you can download that document and the SSN card. In this way you will have this document electronically and print it when necessary, for example, when requested at work.

On the other hand, if the use of the applications is facilitated, you can also do the procedure by that means, we will tell you how:

Download the IMSS Digital app on iOS or Android and go to the menu. Locate the Process option and select Obtain or inquire from NSS. Enter your CURP and email. At the end, you will see your SSN on the screen and the option to send to your email; select it and you will receive a PDF to print. Why it is important to have your SSN

Having your Social Security Number is important since in this way the IMSS keeps a record of the weeks you have been working, in addition to the fact that the SSN is unique and cannot be the same as that of another person.

Other advantages of having an NSS is to link the data of the companies where you have worked, the time you stay in the company and the salary you receive, in addition to using it also for your Afore and when you want to process your pension.

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