Netflix is ​​the world’s leading streaming.


Netflix is ​​undoubtedly going through one of its best moments, with everyone locked up, streaming services have practically taken over the world. On demand services such as Netflix Not only are they generating good profits, but they are collecting a lot of user data such as their likes and dislikes.

With these data, Netflix has created a classification for its user types, which is defined by their interaction with the platform and classifies them into three types: “initiator” “observer” and “completer”.

Initiators: are those who watch a movie or an episode of a series during 2 minutes and remove it.
Observers: are those who see the 70% from a movie or an episode from a series.
Completers: are those who see the 90% from a movie or season from a series.

All these data are used to know the acceptance of a product, basically if the series involves a high investment and it does not generate enough observers or completers, the series is not renewed for a following season.

In the same way, Netflix modified its way of measuring audiences, now with two minutes of playback a movie or series will be counted as “seen”, which according to some users is used by the company to position its original content on the lists of what most viewed.