Did you drink too much? Jaime Garza reveals, that’s how he lost Viridiana

For many years, the unknown would remain about the fatal events that took the life of Viridiana Alatriste, the actor, Jaime Garza, would deny strong rumors that circulated about Silvia Pinal’s daughter, who they claimed was driving under the influence of certain drinks.

That night we had a meeting in a little apartment “suddenly, Viridiana made the decision to leave, without Jaime Garza, her then partner, could stop her, it would be the last night that she would see her alive, she said.

It was on October 25, 1982 when misfortune knocked on the door in the lives of both the Pinal Family and the small screen actor, who had a relationship with Viridiana Alatriste, the youngest daughter of the leading actress.

At the time, the rumors and controversies involved the fatal events with arguments in which they pointed out, the young promise of the show, daughter of the screen diva, Silvia Pinal, was driving under the influence of alcohol, it was Jaime Garza himself who denied these versions completely in a past visit to the “Venga la Alegría” forum.

That night we organized a meeting in a small apartment because it was a seasonal break for Viridiana from a play she (Tartufo) was doing.

The “theater actor” explained that “at that meeting there were guests of her, from the play,” however, at one point Viridiana decided to leave.

Suddenly Viridiana tells me: ‘Hey, run them, I want them to leave, I want to be alone.’ And I said: ‘Viri, but how am I going to tell them if you invited them, they are part of your company, of your friends?

The events would mark the actor for life, who he described, it was the next day that he would find out the fatal news

In the morning, they come to touch me, I was asleep: “Viridiana has just been killed”, it was terrible, you can’t find the explanation, the justification, you said, I was in an inconvenient state, no, nothing, it was normal.

Did you feel guilty?

The uncle of the actress Mariana Garza would reveal if at any time he felt guilty for the events that claimed the star’s life. “Not because there is no where to implicate me guilt,” he reiterated at that time.

However, the “soap opera actor” who consecrated himself with stories like “Simply Maria” as well as “Rosa Salvaje”, “La Usurpadora”, “Gotita de amor”, “Carita de Ángel” and “Long live the children! ” Among many others, he pointed out that he always doubted the reason that led Viridiana to leave the party.

I was left with a feeling of why she wanted to undo the renion, that is, what she felt or that pushed her to decide suddenly to want that, I do not understand the reason, because it was not a lawsuit or walk, “she commented on that visit.

Viridiana Alatriste left when her career was rising very quickly to the top, the daughter of the “first Mexican actress” would have started her acting career at the age of 13 and was about to join the cast of the telenovela “Mañana es primavera” where she would act together to his talented mother.

Today, Friday, May 14, the news broke in the last hours of the departure of actor Jaime Garza, who lost his life at the age of 67.

According to reports, the actor had suffered from the condition of Diabetes for several years so his health faced some complications that sadly culminated in his recent outcome.

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