Did you buy used clothes? Galilea Montijo opens a new boutique

Did you buy used clothes? Galilea Montijo opens a new boutique | Instagram

One of the great dreams of the presenter Galilea Montijo finally materialized by opening her own clothing store, and it was her colleagues in the morning who came to support her.

Galilea Montijo She carries out one more dream of opening her own clothing store and it was she herself who told all the details about this great challenge that would have cost her so much to carry out.

Between tears, the “Today’s driver“, Gali” along with his colleagues Arath de la Torre, Andrea Legarreta, Paul Stanley and Raúl “El Negro” Araiza shared the tough process to make this new project together with Claudia Troyo a reality.

The “model” and “youtuber”He also told the cameras how they feel about seeing their dream come true.

Happy, happy, if we told them everything that has cost us we would start crying here “, he began by counting

Martha Galilea Montijo, explained that initially the project began online, until one day, a great proposal came to her hands

A group of very hard-working girls start talking to us. Hey, we want to send you clothes!

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For her part, Claudia Troyo anticipated that she was sure that the most fascinated would be her clients as they could find something for all tastes in the new establishment.

They both concluded that this was their “new baby.”

It was one of the morning capsules, where the presenter detailed with her feelings on the surface how satisfied and happy to carry out this great project that cost them several hours of work and sleepless nights, which her own Televisa colleagues supported.

With a crowded inauguration, people close to the collaborator of various variety and reality television programs gathered to accompany the “tapatia”, who also celebrated this triumph alongside his family.

Her son Mateo and her husband Fernando Reina were also present and it was the businessman, politician and spouse of the businesswoman who he congratulated with a big kiss after cutting the red ribbon in the middle of this opening.

It should be remembered that for a long time, Galilea served as an ambassador for the clothing line called “Latingal” of which she has constantly appeared with various outfits of this brand.

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Now, the emporium of the remembered presenter of “Little Giants”, “Vida Tv”, “La hora de la papa”, “I stand up”, among others, has become a physical store to which its faithful admirers can now go find your favorite clothing collections.

On the other hand, among those present at this inauguration many well-known faces could be seen, particularly those who collaborate in Hoy: Paul Stanley, Martha Figueroa, Shanik Berman, Andrea Rodríguez Doría, Andrea Escalona, ​​and even the surprise of the night, Laura Bozzo.

The pair of presenters who at first seemed serious enemies, would leave their differences behind and it was the Peruvian herself who reiterated her friendship with the television actress who she described as a “beautiful person inside and out.”

Also, one of his best friends, Alfonso Whaitsman reiterated his affection for the former “Tv girl”, which is why he would also have been present and give her all his support, the stylist of the stars has been behind many of the most shocking looks by Montijo Torres.

Galilea is a person that I love very much, we have been friends for many years, so we are here sending him all the good energy, he always makes me part of his important projects.

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For its part, Latin Lover also applauded Galilea’s bravery and professionalism.

It is very brave to risk starting a business and also opening a source of work, commented the judge of “The stars dance in Today”, a section led by Galilea Montijo.

For his part, Galilea Montijo explained that in the new store there are very exclusive designs so it will not be very easy to find replicas of the same model on the street.

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