Did they send you an SMS for a package that you don’t expect? It’s scam

Have you ever received an SMS with a strange link to follow up on a package or an application? You must be careful because this may be a scam or fraud, so that this does not happen to you, we give you some examples.

‘DHL: Your package is arriving’ or ‘Your shipment is on its way’, are some of the SMS that could reach your phone but which are a scam. Usually the link will take you to install some other application.

We tell you how SMS scams work. Photo: Pixabay

Currently it is very common for people to buy things online, the next step is usually to track the packages through your phone. But scammers often take advantage of this to commit some kind of fraud.

This type of fraud is known as the Android malware APK and works in the following way: the most popular messaging companies, especially those that work for Amazon. DHL, they send you an SMS with a link to follow up on your order.

In general, these frauds disguise themselves as the alerts we receive on the cell phone and offer you links to a website that imitates the original companies, from that website you are invited to download an APK loaded with malware that is usually difficult to uninstall.

The recommendation is to take the necessary precautions, whether you receive a text message or an email, you should know that no company will ask you to download an application that does not belong to the Google Play Store.

If you receive a message from a number that you do not know, it is best to delete it and not install any application, no matter how much the message asks for it. Fraudulent APK application scams often include malware in the application that is activated after installation.

The data that could be stolen by this means are: intercept the double factor codes of the banking apps or WhatsApp, once you grant that permission, the app cannot be uninstalled until the administration is deactivated, a setting that is somewhat hidden in Android .

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