Did Kanye West’s silence on social media predict what was happening?

Did Kanye West’s silence on social media predict what was happening?
January 13, 2021 22:20 hs

Following his unprecedented bid to become President of the United States, Kanye west She has not shown any signs of life on social media, which some interpret as a clear sign of her marriage crisis.

Kanye West during his unprecedented presidential campaign

Just after November 3, when the rapper voted for himself in an election in which he obtained a little more than 60,000 votes in a country of 320 million inhabitants, Kanye west he locked himself up on his Wyoming ranch.

Since then the controversial 43-year-old singer has distanced himself from his four children and his media wife Kim kardashian, who spent Christmas with the family in a mansion on Lake Tahone, between California and Nevada.

Shortly after this sad episode in the career of Kanye west, the news of the marriage crisis has resounded with force in all the international media, with no sign of their part so far.

Kanye West’s Latest Post (Instagram)

Judging by the clues that the famous celebrity couple have left on their networks, the erratic participation of Kanye west In the presidential elections, it was the last straw in his marriage, since he did not even have the support of his wife.

Kanye and Kim have been « living separate lives » for just over a year. One of the strongest and most profitable marriages in the American entertainment industry is one step away from dissolution.