Bad Bunny again caused controversy with his extravagant videos but this time it was over!

March 27, 2020

The Puerto Rican has become a trend thanks to the video clip of his new song “I perreo alone”, where he left more than one speechless with his feminine appearance. A complete amazement!

Bad bunny He impressed from the first moment that he appeared in his towering red boots and miniskirt. We would never have imagined it like that!

Without a doubt what most impressed us were the “great mountains” above that were seen, many came to think that the bad rabbit had been operated for his video.

The purpose of her clothing and the video in general was to support women and the transsexual community, Bad Bunny He dared to write the hashtag “#Niunamas”, with great pride. He mentioned that “we all deserve the same respect and rights.”

Many of her fans felt truly listened to by the urban genre, although, there were others who only unleashed with their teasing and memes.