Did Galilea Montijo take her out? Andrea Legarreta replaced in Hoy

Did Galilea Montijo take her out? Andrea Legarreta replaced in Hoy | Instagram

Changes in the Hoy Program !, the morning star of Televisa surprised everyone by welcoming the replacement of Andrea Legarreta, the television host, Tania Rincon. This was enormously surprising and not only because Rincón comes from Tv Azteca but because this could mean the end of the famous pact that Alex Kaffie spoke about. Galilea Montijo did you take Erik Rubín’s wife out of Hoy?

Today viewers were surprised to see how Galilea, Arath de la Torre, Raúl Araiza, Lambada García and Andrea Escalona welcomed the former host of their direct competition, Venga La Alegría, to the Hoy Program. Tania Rincón arrived as a replacement for Andrea Legarreta amid much mystery.

The television presenters did not speak about the absence of the also actress, or how long it would be or if it would be definitively; nor about the status that Rincón will have in Televisa’s spoiled television program.

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The one who quickly clarified the situation was the irreverent entertainment journalist Alex Kaffie, who has recently shared a lot about the Today Program. According to Kaffie, the program produced by Andrea Rodríguez Doria suffers from the absence of Andrea Legarreta because the famous woman is on vacation and it would only be a week that she would be out of the forum and replaced by Tania Rincón.

Although his companions have not spoken of Andrea Legarreta Martinez, their social networks have revealed where the famous is. Today’s longest-serving driver is in Miami, Florida and her photos have given her away. However, what is unknown is whether he is on site for work or solely for vacation.

Recently Legarreta was also seen in Colombia, in a working forum, so speculation also began about his departure from the Hoy Program, but apparently it was only a collaboration and after that, he returned to Mexico.

Kaffie drew the attention of many when he decided to respond to the supposed audio of the singer Sherlyn in which he assured that he would remove Andrea Legarreta from Hoy for some comments about him that he did not like. The journalist assured the famous that he did not have the power to do something like that and that he had not even been able to maintain his exclusivity on the channel.

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Kaffie added that the only one who could remove Legarreta from her place in the morning would be Galilea Montijo and that she would not do so because they have a “don’t knock me down, I won’t knock you down” pact, according to which both had agreed to take the party in peace as they had discovered that together they achieved what they wanted.

Who also speculated that he would leave very soon Today is Raúl Araiza. First it was rumored that he would leave the morning for the important character he would get in La Desalmada, then he denied the situation by ensuring that he would stay in Hoy, but now the news is different.

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As it transpired, Araiza will be absent from the Hoy Program, but it will only be on Thursdays and Fridays, this on the occasion of the recordings of the soap opera starring Livia Brito. Raúl Araiza has a busy work schedule that also includes the Members al Aire program, in which he also shares credits with Jorge Van Rakin and Paúl Stanley.

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These multiple work commitments, according to Negrito himself, have concluded at the end of his romantic relationship with María Amelia Aguilar, who assures that he requires a lot of care, attention and time, which at this time he cannot provide due to the requirement of his work.