Did Erika Buenfil live a fairy tale with Luis Miguel? Reveals

Did Erika Buenfil live a fairy tale with Luis Miguel? Reveals | Instagram

The actress, Erika Buenfil is one of the most recognized personalities in the artistic environment and not only for her talent but also for her beauty, so it is not surprising that during the beginning of her career Luis Miguel has also been attracted.

Recently, the own Erika Buenfil confessed to having been part of the list of conquests that have passed through the life of the so-called “Sun of Mexico”.

As is known, the interpreter of “La Inconditional” has established himself with a great career in the world of music, however, his fame as a singer has also competed with his enormous popularity with women.

Until today, a large part of the most famous conquests in the life of Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri has been known, however, it has been Erika Buenfil herself who has surprised everyone by revealing that she would not resist the charms of the interpreter, with whom at all times he felt that he lived as a kind of “video clip.”

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Teresa de Jesús Buenfil López, who has served as an actress on television, theater, film and even in the music industry revealed part of what was her short love story with the acclaimed artist of Puerto Rican origin.

“A fairytale”

The one who was the protagonist of novels such as Amores Verdaderos, Tres mujeres, Marisol among many others in which she has collaborated, reveals “she was wooed by the singer with the most beautiful smile and whom she describes as a true gentleman”

The dates with the “divo de México” were so perfectly planned that it made them a unique experience, he pointed out.

The perfect lighting, the perfect reception and in the background the prince charming, responded to the curious questions of the drivers.

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She points out that it felt like a fairy tale, as every time they went out together, he took care of every detail to make it look like an amazing story.

As revealed in an interview to Netas Divinas, the collaborator on the screen was too young at the time to know how perfect a man was, however, it was clear to her that “Luismi” did everything to please her in each of the dates and even sang songs of his liking.

The collaborator of various programs including, “Los simuladores”, “La Rosa de Guadalupe”, “Erika”, “Xe-Tu” and guest on programs such as “Hoy” and many others, shared some of her best experiences during his stage of youth.

At that time, Luis Miguel was considered one of the top stars of the show of the moment and several of the most famous women on the screen were flattered to go out with him.

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Some of those who have told their story have agreed that during the time they were with the “star king” they received a treatment of queens, for Erika Buenfil was no exception, she also added, nothing was forced by the artist, his way of being it was natural.

Every detail and being able to plan every moment they would spend together on dates, he described.

Luis Miguel series

Recently, the series that portrays the life of Luis Miguel is about to premiere and it was a very famous former beauty queen in Mexico who shared details in the last days of her history with the “Sun” as well as the fact that it will appear in the bioseries. which is about to hit Netflix.

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Next April 18, it is expected to be a memorable day as the first chapter of the second season is available, one of the most acclaimed of the content service, which among many topics and secrets that the life of the singer keeps will come out to the light several of his former loves, including that of Mariah Carey, Daisy Fuentes, and even Alicia Machado, who also anticipated the cameras, prepares a book where he will dedicate a chapter to his brief history with the singer.